Class 1000 Cleanroom Solution Preparation and CNT Dispersion Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Bath Sonicators
  • Probe Sonicator
  • Glass reactors and Parr reactor
  • Microfluidizer


Class 1000 Cleanroom Fiber Spinning Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Multifilament fiber spinning Equipment
  • Brabender Twin screw extruder
  • Pelletizer
  • DSM Xplore Micro Compounder
  • DSM Xplore winding unit
  • DSM Xplore micro fiber line Draw Stand


Class 1000 Cleanroom Fiber Drawing Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Multifilament, multi-tow, multi-zone fiber drawing equipment


Class 1000 Cleanroom Continuous Fiber Stabilization and Carbonization Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Multifilament and multi-tow stabilization using six oxidation zones
  • Multifilament and multi-tow carbonization using low temperature and high temperature furnaces in an inert environment


Polymer Processing Laboratory (MRDC-1)

  • Fiber Spinning
    1. Two sets of fiber spinning systems allowing for  melt and solution spinning. Single component and bi-component fibers can be processed.
  • Fiber Drawing
  • CNT Dispersion Equipment
    1. Homogenizer
    2. Bath Sonicators
    3. Horn Sonicators
    4. Ultracentrifuge
  • Electrospinning


 Batch Carbonization Laboratory (MRDC-1)

  • Lindberg Blue 1100 ºC tube furnace (2)
  • Micropyretics Heaters International tube furnace (Temperature up to 1700 °C)


Characterization Laboratory (MRDC-1)

  • TGA Q500
  • TMA Q400
  • DSC Q100
  • RSA III Solids Analyzer
    1. Tensile Tester
    2. Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
  • RSA  ARES Rheometer
    1. Parallel Plate
    2. Cone and Plate
  • FTIR microscope
  • Capacitance Measurement test station
  • Four Probe Electrical Conductivity Measurement set up


X-Ray Laboratory (MRDC-1)

  • Rigaku Micro Max 002 X-ray generator and R-axis IV++ detector system.  For wide and small angle x-ray measurements.


Characterization Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Leica Optical Microscope
  • Micromeritics Pycnometer
  • Favimat+ Tensile Tester
  • Leica Microtome
  • Horiba Raman Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer UV-Visible spectrometer
  • Brookhaven Dynamic Light Scattering


MSE Porosimetry Laboratory (Bunger Henry)

  • Micromeritics ASAP2020 surface area analyzer